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Unemployment Compensation

We can help you control your unemployment claims, maximize human capital, and Litigation Risks with the DSF Compliance Unemployment Claims module.
When you consider your unemployment claims process you face complex and ever-changing compliance requirements and increasing costs. Also, HR departments must protect your investment in human capital during troubled economic times.

Managing this effectively is a challenge many companies faces today.

What gets in your way?

  • An ever-changing external environment
  • Difficulty identifying and minimizing controllable costs
  • Lack of expertise, best practices, processes, and procedures

How does DSF help you get overcome these hurdles? We can help by finding ways to reduce costs by: reducing claim liability, claim protesting and appeals, maximizing your human capital management by streamlining processes, and gaining access to the resources needed to help reduce your risk.
What if we can simplify the entire process to prevent future issues?

  • Pre-separation planning
  • Efficient human capital management
  • Expert hearing representation
  • Gain access to resources
  • Management of the entire process on your behalf
  • Advanced data security
  • Help ensure compliance with laws and regulations

With our on-site team to help service your Unemployment Claims Management services, you can help insulate your organization from these risks, free up resources to focus on key business initiatives, and help reduce the burden of this complex process.

More Information about the Unemployment Claims module...
Employers may reduce unemployment claim costs and control state unemployment insurance (SUI) taxes while staying in compliance with changing state regulations with help from DSF. 
DSF manages the entire unemployment insurance (UI) claim process including:

  • Claims administration
  • Timely appeals
  • Auditing of benefit charges
  • Experienced hearing representation

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