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Human Resource Consulting

Do you have any employee issues that are confidential and require third party intervention?

Human Resource Consulting is a program that educates and provides the best HR standard practices our firm can offer.


Assistance in policies and procedures, make recommendations, and deliver Human Resource solutions that satisfy your needs as well as meet local, state, and federal employment regulations.

We provide an array of Human Resource Services in the following areas:
  • Human Resource Strategy & Operations
  • On-site Visits as an HR Advocate
  • Developing Employee Handbooks and Job Descriptions
  • Employee Communications
  • Employee Records and Documentation
  • Hiring Practices and Processes
  • Talent Acquisition - Contract Interviewing
  • Orientation Programs
  • Performance Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Termination Practices and Processes
Value-Added Expertise

To address real-world challenges, we have dedicated HR consultants on-site. Their unique ability to execute a hands-on-approach and implement practical solutions comes from years of direct experience, knowledge, and expertise gained as HR professionals.

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