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FAQs (Work From Home)

These are some of the common questions that a CSP may have. We have listed these so that you can gather answers on your own or use the answers we have provided below. There may also be other questions that come up, and Dempsey Staffing Firm, Inc. seek will update this list as we receive similar questions in nature. 

Any questions regarding payroll or service revenue should be directed to your IBO at Dempsey Staffing Firm. If you have a question that is not listed here, please feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to find the answer.

Q: What are the benefits of joining an existing IBO like Dempsey Staffing Firm, Inc.?

​A: Even though creating your own business can be an exciting adventure, there are usually a lot of extra costs that go with it. By joining Dempsey Staffing Firm, an existing IBO saves you time and more importantly money and allows you to get to work faster.

Q: What does the work involve?

A: First and foremost, there is NO cold calling involved. You would handle inbound calls that have been routed from the clients phone systems to your phone at your house. You have the choice and pick the clients you would like to service. You will answer the call and service the customer while you are logged into the clients proprietary software on your computer. You will need a plain old telephone line (no voicemail or call waiting) and high speed internet. You  will work with the customer to resolve any concerns and provide them the information they need, then move on to the next call. Simple right?

Q: Who is going to teach me how to service a client?

A; Once you finish up the basic admissions process, you will pick the client you want to service. You will pay for your training class, which is led by an Arise certified instructors with several years experience with their client. The costs of the training varies, with most being between $19.99 and $159.00

Q: Am I paying for a job?

A: No, you are not paying for a job, you are going into business for yourself. You will be an independent contractor, which we will discuss further later on in the FAQ's. The costs of the course helps offset that cost for the online training platform as well as any other costs associated with your training.

Q: Will I need long distance on my home phone line?

A: No. All calls will come to you via Arise's software. Your phone will be plugged into the wall or however your virtual phone will be on your computer. Once you log in, the software will call your home phone and you will be receiving inbound calls while connected.

Q: Will I be your employee?

A: Our team member, or CSPs are independent contractors of Dempsey Staffing Firm, Inc. you will receive a 1099 for your prior years compensation. You must pay all of your own taxes. There are quite a few tax perks for being an independent contractor.

Q: How will I be paid?

A: You will be paid every month.

Q: How many hours can I work and how much money can I make?

A: As much as you want. All of the clients have a minimum hour requirement which is usually 15 to 20 hours. You must work that to continue servicing that client. There are clients that have a weekly cap of 100 hours so if you making an average $15.00 an hours you would earn $1,500 in a week. On the other hand if you work 15 hours and make $15.00 you would earn $225.00 that week. It is totally up to you.

Q: How long will it take before I can start earning money?

A: You will need to complete the admissions process, which can take as little as one day as long as a week depending on how quickly you move through the steps. Once you pick your client, all that is left is your training and then you are earning money. The length of the training course varies with each client, so you will be able to find one to suit your needs.

Q: Does Dempsey Staffing Firm, Inc. charges a service fee?

A: Yes we do. The service fee is simple, two dollars per scheduled hour. DSF will be handling a great deal of back office support for you the entire time you are employed as a independent contractor for Dempsey Staffing Firm. We will be here to help you along the path, making sure all of your questions are answered, and you are able to work. It will take work on your end as well Dempsey Staffing Firm to succeed together. 

Q: What are your business hours for HOME Business services?

A: Our normal business hours are from 8am-10pm, Sunday through Saturday.

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