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Dempsey Staffing Firm
DSF was founded in Illinois currently as a certified MBE/WBE staffing company with the desire to grow. Over 17 years as a Human Resource Director and certified with the City, County, and State as a human resource consultant. DSM strive to obtain and create endless opportunities which foster professional growth.

Both our customers and clients are reviewed, so both parties will know that they are working with a credible source.

Potential customers can view steps to go through our admissions process and start working towards a future job or career. The "Candidates/ Job Seekers" tab has all the information that you will need to get started and what is expected during the admissions process. We are facilitating positions for temporary, temporary to hire, or direct hire. This could mean a new career for a new college graduate, someone who is currently not employeed, someone in search of a second or third job, or just a new career path all together.

Potential clients can view the many frequently filled positions that our staffing firm sends out for hire. If you would to join our team to better facilitate your business, there is a form to fill out to get started. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the process of screening candidates, companies, or just how we operate all together. We take care all the beginning processes for companies such as interviews, paper work, and background checks.

If you were looking for a career but you can leave your house? We have a position just for that specific person as well. Our Dempsey Arise program gives you the opportunity to work directly from home or any where there is a computer and a phone. Just click on the "Arise" tab to receive more information.

Our biggest goal is to grow; so why not jump on board and grow with us? The more we grow, the more opportunities there are for our clients and candidates to make a perfect match.

We, here at DSF, would like to welcome all of you to the family!


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